Inner West Goldies is a warm and fuzzy (emphasis on the fuzziness) community for golden retrievers and their peeps who meet up in Sydney on the last Sunday of every month!

Think, a whole bunch of golden retrievers (53 is our record so far) running around together, playing, having fun and of course looking cute while their parents chat all things goldie. Heaven!

To give you a better idea of what goes on when the pack gets together, check out this dog’s eye view video of one of our meets, filmed by one of our goldie founders, Brielle.

The story behind Inner West Goldies

About two years ago when we were living in Sydney, a couple moved in next door with their golden retriever, Brielle. Of course, we were instant friends, organising playdates for Leo, Layla and Brielle (best neighbours ever!).

After watching the three of our goldens together, we decided we wanted to expand the pack and put up flyers in our local park. Seven goldies attended our first meet, including Harley who we’ve adopted as one of our founding members.

The original Innerwest Goldies founding pack (from left to right: Harley, Layla, Leo and Brielle).

Since then we’ve become the biggest regular meet up of golden retrievers in NSW. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Sunday morning than catching up with fellow (crazy) golden retriever peeps while watching our goldies play!

Inner West Goldies meet on the last Sunday of every month at Bridgewater Park in Rozelle at 9am. If you have a golden retriever or just love the breed, make sure you come and join in at our next meet. We can’t wait to see you there!

Vanessa Barrett

Vanessa Barrett

Vanessa’s dream has always been to be surrounded by golden retrievers—which is why she founded Golden Retriever Retreat! Vanessa loves to travel and understands how hard it is to leave your goldie behind. It’s why she’s passionate about making your goldie feel like one of the family, showering them with love and cuddles. She’s been described as the human version of a golden retriever which we think is the biggest compliment a person can get!