It’s so hard to leave our golden retrievers when we go away—and that’s exactly why we started Golden Retriever Retreat!  And to get an idea of what our beautiful, dog-friendly farm is like, we’d love you to take this golden retriever led video tour of our property.

Golden Retriever Retreat is an exclusive golden retriever ONLY pet minding service where your goldie gets to enjoy the same lifestyle as they would at home.

We know your golden retriever means the world to you and so seeing them with sad kennel face is sure to break your heart. That’s why we’re all about changing the way your goldie is cared for when you’re away, so you can actually enjoy your holiday knowing they’re having the best time ever!

Nestled in a lush valley, our historic farmhouse is surrounded by rolling green meadows and hiking trails that meander through gorgeous eucalyptus forest. Every day will be an adventure for your goldie, exploring our seven-acre property and discovering new areas to play, sniff and roll.

We have fenced play spaces, a dam for swimming and forest walks nearby—it’s the perfect place for golden retrievers to run, play and explore. And at night? Well, your goldie gets to be inside with us—curled up by the fire—just as it should be.

The only risk is that your golden retriever might have a better time on holidays than you!

Take golden retriever led video tour of Golden Retriever Retreat now.

Vanessa Barrett

Vanessa Barrett

Vanessa’s dream has always been to be surrounded by golden retrievers—which is why she founded Golden Retriever Retreat! Vanessa loves to travel and understands how hard it is to leave your goldie behind. It’s why she’s passionate about making your goldie feel like one of the family, showering them with love and cuddles. She’s been described as the human version of a golden retriever which we think is the biggest compliment a person can get!

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  • Kathy Kelly says:

    Hi there,
    We have recently moved to Berry and have a beautiful golden called Bear. He’s desexed, 2 years and 9 months old and has a 3 year old brother called Billie.
    Billie is a beaglier however thinks he’s a golden!
    Do you ever take pups that aren’t goldens?
    No plans as yet but definitely looking for a lovely place that would be a second home for our boys when we go away from time to time. Look forward to hearing from you. Kind regards, Kathy

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